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Have you ever been in a situation where you are properly connected to the Wi-Fi network but there is no internet access? If yes, then you have probably faced the worst situation. To manage this, it is recommended to use the devices known as Wi-Fi Range repeaters. Using these amazing devices, you can easily tackle the problem of inappropriate coverage and no internet connections. All you need is to use the right repeater login information to reach the settings page of the respective repeater.
Here we are discussing the basic checkpoints that you need to keep in mind while establishing a connection between the different devices. To eliminate the problem of inappropriate internet access, you will need to go through the following points.
If your computer system is connected to Wi-Fi but showing an internet error message, then there are chances that there is some problem with your device. To check the reliability, connect your smartphone with the Wi-Fi network. If it is working for your Smartphone, then there is an issue with your computer system. On the other hand, if it is not working then you need to recheck your network settings.
Other than this, you will also need to keep some of the following points in mind.
There are high chances that the internet is not working due to technical issues. In that case, you need to reach a router and modem and find out if there is an issue with the Wi-Fi adapter’s driver as this may also lead to no internet access error. To fix this, it is advised to reboot your Wi-Fi router and establish a connection with the internet again.
Another reason for the problem of internet access error is when you regulate the incomplete or partial repeater setup process. There are other reasons also like the wrong placement of repeater, making mistakes in the repeater IP address, slow internet, hardware issues, and more. Pay attention to all these factors and then establish a connection with the Wi-Fi network again.
Believe it or not but your antivirus programs can also lead to no internet access error on your device. To fix this, it is advised to temporarily turn off your antivirus program. Once you get the internet connectivity, you can turn it on again.
Placing your repeater at the wrong location can also be a great reason why you are not getting internet access at your home, even after connecting to the Wi-Fi network. placement of electronic gadgets, appliances, metal objects, and other reflexive surfaces like mirrors, glasses, Bluetooth speakers, metal doors, microwaves, etc. lead to improper internet connectivity.
If you’re using an outdated firmware of the repeater, then it will lead the internet connection to drop. To fix this issue, you will need to run your repeater on the latest firmware version.
In conclusion, these are some of the things that can easily resolve your problem of not getting internet access even after connecting to the Wi-Fi network. But still, if you are facing issues, it is advised to consult a professional that can provide you with a relevant solution on time.

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