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Working with the extender can become a tough task if you don’t have any guidance in hand. Unboxing a brand new extender is one thing and switching it on and setting it up is another. From wireless extender setup details to reset the whole system, there are a number of technical terms linked to this. Yes, you can take the help of the professionals but some of the simple errors can be managed easily by the user only.

Setting up the extender is a tricky task and there is a lot of scope error in between. Here we are discussing some of the essential details regarding the best apps that you can use to set up your extender without following a lengthy procedure full of steps.

Best Apps To Extend Your Wi-Fi Range!

To help you improve your WiFi performance, here are the best options in terms of applications available.


The very first name in this category is Netspot that gives you the facility of enjoying professional features and a user-friendly interface. In case, you are just another casual computer user, this application is great for optimizing your Wi-Fi network. Both Mac, as well as Windows users, can use this application without any hassle.


This is a well-known app being developed by Netgear to make it easy for users to set up and log in to their extender’s account settings. Every type of user can use this application without any hassle and can manage the settings of their home network. This application offers its user a graphical interface that makes it super easy to get an overlook of the Wi-Fi network at any time. No matter, whether you are a tech-savvy type of person or not! This application is also available to Android as well as Mac users. All they need to follow the steps differently.


If you are looking for an application that lets you discover all the Wi-Fi networks in your areas and also gives you the results regarding the least cluttered Wi-Fi channel, then Wifi Analyzer is the name that you need to learn. It is a popular android application supported by Android 6.0 and up. This application is very popular among the users who are ready to boost their Wi-Fi network without following a wholesome procedure.

Common Issues:

Let’s discuss the common issues that you might face while setting up any extender.

  • Unable to follow the wireless extender setup details correctly.
  • A pop-up of error message is shown on the screen even after following all the steps correctly.
  • If you don’t remember the login credentials of your extender; the username and the password.
  • You are connect to the internet but it is not working or the speed is too low.
  • You are unable to boot the extender.

To manage these issues, you can use different approaches like try to reset your web browser settings or try using a different browser. Other than that, make sure that the connections are built properly. In case, nothing works for you, try resetting the whole system.

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