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Are you thinking about why your Netflix is not working properly? Are you facing network connectivity issues? Are you looking for a relevant solution? If yes, then wireless extender setup is what you need to do. You will manage buffering and low connectivity issues. Here in this small guide, you will get to learn about some of the best tips and tricks that will help you understand the concept of buffering in an effective manner.

Here we are discussing some points that will definitely help you get rid of the buffering thing to some extent.

  • Go Wired Over Wireless Connections –

Believe it or not, wired connections are better than wireless ones. It is advised to use a reliable Ethernet cable so that you can establish better connections between different devices. Make sure that the cable is not damaged and works properly.

Keep one thing in mind that not all network cables are the same. Get aware of the speed difference between a CAT5 and CAT5e and a CAT6 without going into further details. Make sure that the router you invest in comes with a nice fast gigabit LAN port.

  • 5Ghz Wifi Or 2.4Ghz – Which One Is Better?

There is a typical question in the minds of many users. You need to squeeze as much bandwidth out of your WiFi as possible if you can’t run a wired connection. If you are planning to choose 5Ghz, then you can enjoy the higher speed at a shorter distance to your router. On the other hand, you will get a slower speed if you choose 2.4Ghz. This option is better for longer distances from your router.

  • Why There Is A Need To Reboot Router And Modem?

Ask a question – When was the last time you reboot or switch off your router or modem? If you don’t remember the time, then it is obvious that it’s been a while then that’s a good maintenance task to do. Not to forget, these devices create loads of temporary files, cache, and processes. To make your router and modem work more efficiently, make sure that a power cycle cleans these devices on a regular basis.

  • Boost Your Wifi –

To get the best signal to the room, use the wifi extender that can fulfill all your needs. Whether you want to connect your gaming console or smart TV or Android streaming box, an extender can fulfill your all needs without making you invest much. All you need is to place the extender at the right place so that it can transmit the signals in all directions with full efficiency. Place it where your WiFi is strong and let it extend that strong signal.

  • Mesh Wifi Networking –

You should invest in your own router and a Mesh wifi system if you have one of those modem and router combo units from your ISP. This option is perfect to help you with buffering issues and other connectivity problems.

Summing up, these are some of the essential things that you need to keep in mind while regulating the process of the wireless extender setup.

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