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To uplift the coverage of the Wi-Fi range, you can invest in repeaters or extenders anytime. These devices can improve your wireless coverage by transmitting signals in all directions in your home or office space. But it is also true that you can even use more than one extender to improve the Wi-Fi coverage but, in some environments, only. All you need is to use the right Wi-Fi repeater login details.

Now the question is – can a Wi-Fi extender connect to another extender? Is it possible? Well, the answer to this mystery is yes. You can connect a Wi-Fi extender to another extender, but there are some caveats. The very first thing that you need to acknowledge is never try to connect two extenders wirelessly. Another thing to keep in mind is that both devices should have different SSID.

You need to understand the right manner to connect two extenders. Try to learn the signs whether you need a single Wi-Fi extender or more than two extenders.

How To Connect A Wi-Fi Extender To Another Wi-Fi Extender?

By connecting one extender to the router with distinct SSIDs or Service Set Identifiers, you can proceed in the way to connect two Wi-Fi extenders to the same network. Once you establish the connections, you can place the extenders at the final locations.

At the farthest point, the Wi-Fi extender should connect to another extender strongly. Yes, it is totally fine to connect both the extenders to the same network. To do so, there are two things to keep in mind.

  • The very first thing that you need to consider is never to connect the extender through a wireless medium. If you do so, this will hamper the overall performance of both the extenders.
  • Another thing in this series is that you need to make sure that both the extenders should connect to the router prominently. To make sure, you should double-check all the connections. With a separate SSID of each extender, you can manage to get the best results in terms of network connectivity.

It is often seen that many people try to connect two extenders with the same SSID so that they can avoid the hassle of programming multiple devices. Well, this kind of setup can be taken as challenging. You need to understand one thing that is never trying to connect two wireless extenders directly with each other. This will directly affect the performance of the extenders in an adverse manner.

All in all, you need to learn that maintaining connections between two or more extenders can only lead to the formation of a collision domain. This, in turn, will create conflicts in the network. So, make sure that both the extenders are set up in an effective way so that the wireless extenders can work well. You can enjoy all the benefits like better coverage of Wi-Fi signals, easy connectivity without errors, and effective signal quality.


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